MBase Releases

Our latest release is 0.8.1. We provide a binary tarball for Linux. (For Solaris-Sparc, an experimental tarball of the previous release is still available here. Let us know if you need an updated version.)


  1. Un-tar "MBase" in your favorite directory ($YourDir):
            > tar zxf mbase-*linux*.tar.gz          (on linux)
    or:     > gtar zxf mbase-*solaris*.tar.gz       (on solaris)
    This will create an 'mbase' directory for you.
  2. Start-up the MBase application:
            > cd $YourDir/mbase/bin
            > ./mbase-up
    This will start a MySQL database server and a Mozart emulator process.
  3. Launch a WWW-browser on the same machine as MBase and visit http://localhost:12345/
  4. After use, MBase and its database server can be shut down as follows:
            > ./mbase-down

Note that the port number "12345" is hard-coded in the mbase-up script; if you want to use a different port, simply modify it accordingly.

For security reasons, the default configuration is set to deny access from all machines except "localhost". In order to allow other machines to access your MBase server, set the "allowhosts" variable in the same script to a suitable list of hostname patterns, similar to example 3.


To remove MBase, you can simply delete the whole 'mbase' directory. (Additionally, you may want to delete the ~/.mathweb directory which is created by the mbase-up script and contains some runtime files.)

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