MBase: A Mathematical Knowledge Base

A Mathematical Knowledge Base

is a collection of mathematical facts, such as definitions, theorems, or proofs. It can serve as a shared background for various deduction services. Since it establishes a semantics for objects handled by such systems, it can serve as the necessary ``glue'' that binds these services together to a joint system. On the other hand, the formal representation allows semantics-based retrieval of distributed mathematical facts, giving mathematicians a tool to access and query the present mathematical knowledge.

The MBase System

is a web-based, distributed mathematical knowledge base. This system is realized as a mathematical service in the MathWeb system, an implementation of a mathematical software bus for distributed theorem proving. It offers a universal repository of formalized mathematics where the formal representation allows semantics-based retrieval of distributed mathematical facts.


Dec. 15, 2003 MBase 0.8.1 has been released, featuring support for the upcoming OMDoc 1.2 standard and supporting deletion and update of content documents. Download...
July 1st, 2003 An updated developer distribution has support for the upcoming OMDoc 1.2 standard. Download...
Feb. 2003 Finally, a plug-and-play source distribution for developers is available. Get it now...
Aug. 23, 2002 MBase 0.8 is out! Download...
Aug. 19, 2002 The latest candidate (0.8rc4) for the first official MBase release is available. Furthermore, the linking problems on Solaris have been resolved, so that you can now for the first time get binary distributions for both Intel/Linux and Sparc/Solaris2.6 . Official Demo
June. 20, 2002 The library of the TPS theorem provers have been converted to OMDoc and loaded into MBase 0.8rc2.
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