The purpose of is to support the development, use, and dissemination of infrastructure for web-supported mathematics.

It is reasonable to expect that in the year 2015, the predominant way of doing math will no longer be by pen and paper, but in an integrated web-based math-development system that supports the mathematician in all aspects of mathematics. The purpose of is to bring about and support this change. serves as an Internet portal for potential users and a discussion forum for developers. It will host

  • software systems that connect a wide-range of mathematical services by a common, mathematical software bus.
  • mathematical services that support all aspects of doing mathematics on the web


Currently is a loosely organized crowd of enthusiasts that share a common dream. It is open to all interested persons, who want to contribute. Decisions about the portal are taken by a consensus model.

Michael Kohlhase holds the domain for the purpose specified above. Should it ever be necessary, we will move to some more formalized form of organization.

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